woensdag 14 oktober 2015

Thank you flow ( 3 schilderaachtigheden)

To go forward means in dutch voorwaarts gaan- to go further with your life is breathing. okt 2015

 Relax, smile and take it easy
Breathe, please do breathe
let the thoughts go
Just breathe and be kind to yourself
and others.
Compassion wins.
Choose your thoughts
you can, we can
Change your thoughts
be kind just by breathing.
Step in the next moment.
Breathe yourself in the next moment.

It's oké to be afraid for whatever what
though, breathe, breathe, breathe
Feel kindness
Be kind to yourself.

#zacht maar krachtig!

Kindness always wins (spraypaint on kastplank:-D) 13 oktober 2015

Thank you flow  (14-10-2015, Tilly)  
Thank you flow
Thank you magazine FlOW.

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